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Owey – Brick Walk (Official Video) – Hott New Burgh Banger!

| January 29, 2018 | 0 Comments
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Owey owns the crown with the “Brick Walk” track Produced by Yace .  Video directed by Case Filmz.  – Rating SUPER HOTT!!

Pittsburgh Artist are known for flexing .. being in high competition and carrying themselves in certain manner.. A lot of competition and dope artists in Pittsburgh .. Pittsburgh is a priviliged City and its a priviliged game … and it SHOULD BE !! if you ARENT GIVING THIS SH*T EVERYTHING like Owey .. If you ain’t setting the bar with good music.. you won’t be taken serious .. Pittsburgh is  hard city to break in .. Owey has no trouble obtaining the respect and securing his spot in the game because of his hard work and good music.. the Westside Native or as referred to in pittsburgh “West End” is from Broadhead to be more specific .  Greenway, Crafton, Sheraden, Ingram, the Rox ALL SHOULD BE SUPPORTING OWEY.. the whole City .. #BrickWalk was produced by a friend of mine Yace Beats who is also extremely talented and works hard next to Stevie B under MSE Management run by manager “Lonnie Syke”   These are all names you should know by now if you follow Pittsburgh Music..  These are names you SHOULD remember …  Anytime somebody comes to Pittsburgh he is the man .. a few other names as well.  You have to give credit to the whole City at this point.

Owey – Brick Walk      Notable Lyrics

“Soo what I got ya B***h I got her Bood up ..

You a basic model N***a and I’m Suped up ..

I got the Nike text Suit .. and I’m Couped up ..

What.. What.. What.. What.. ? “


“And F**k yo baby Father ..

he wan’t your income tax money


(A known topic in pittsburgh talked about amongst social media cliques from West to the East etc  )

“We in the streets so that’s how the game go.. 

You don’t Muh Fuccin know me then don’t call me Bro Bro! ” 

Rapper/Producer Kenny Loud said something similiar in the track “In My Zone” back in 2015.   He also claims he is “Westside trained” so even if he said it first.. he has no problem with Owey owning that line .. He actually goes on to say …  “Pittsburgh needs a face.. we need our own sound.. style.. something we are known for.. Its a marketing thing.. I have no problem with Influencing other Artists & Producers. I been around awhile and I know I have.  But these my friends these my people and they treat me with respect & f wit my music.. So I will never hate on another Pittsburgh Artist winning.. Owey the real deal.. who knows if he heard In My Zone or not I am saying either he did and f with it cause he moves the same way, or we just that much alike.. regardless I F with it heavy .. I’m flattered Owey f***s with me like that if its the case.. regardless I am gonna give this project the attention it deserves.. Owey BEEN the real deal he was making bangers with Johnny Juliano and Wiz Khalifa out the West wayy back.  I actually think I have an old Interface of Julianos they recorded on.  MobilePre USB ..  Very happy Pittsburgh picking the pace up.  ITS JUST A PITTSBURGH THING …. THATS HOW WE ROLL …  WE KNOW WE THE SHIT WE JUST WAITING FOR THE INDUSTRY TO GET WOKE n see it TOO!!!

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